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16 February 2017 @ 09:35 pm
i want a love  
i want a love love
i want a love that makes my heart skip a beat when i see him
because i know that he actually cares about me and isn't trying to use me
because that's how i feel right now
i feel like the men that i've been dealing with look at my like i'm a pussy with legs
and want to get to know me so they can get to know my V
i haven't found a man that actually wants to get to know my mind
i haven't found a man that thinks im actually worth the time
you don't realize that your going to aggresivley for pink pearls that you're missing a cave full of diamonds
i want a love love
i want a love where he picks me off my feet and makes me feel like i'm the only girl in the world
because latley ive been feeling like another one of your hos
someone you call on the weekend when your lonley, get your rocks off and go back to your main homies
i want a love love
a love where i dont have to wonder when your going to text back
because you want to know what i'm doing, how i'm doing and if i'm thinking about you
i am
because when i love you the world falls away
everyone else calling my phone, leaving me messages
they fall away
and i just want to be that person for someone that makes everything else
do that