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09 November 2016 @ 10:59 am
the next logical step pt. 2  
the next logical step is me setting goals and how to acheive them so i dont feel shitty.

general overaching want:

i want to be able to have a career where i feel comfortable, be able to pay off debt, be in a happy healthy relationship with someone and have my own car and place. is that too damn much to ask.


have a job by the end of january in a career that i want and a place that i enjoy
have someone that i'm talking to by the end of january who is someone that i want and enjoy talking to and spending time with
get better at fucking spanish
start paying off my loans
start having an adult budget so i can get a car and maybe a place of my own
Slay the fashion game


Apply daily to 2x jobs, and follow up with all the jobs that I've applied to weekly and keep a journal of the contact times and dates of these people in an easily accessible location. Focus on the mission statement and the purpose of the job that you want and who you want to work with, try not to settle.  Settle by the end of February seriously though. In the meantime, get started with Rallys and by the end of December make sure that you've started the job and have seen patients (possibly apply to the IV Doctor as well).

Only date no more than 2x people at the same time. No sex on the first date anymore girl, none. Date people with similar career minding goals as you.  Date people that you see potential in, and hold them to the same standards as yourself. If you have 1x person you're talking to increase it to 2x by going on a dating app or something. Potentially have a submissive person by the end of December for funsies, he can pay for manicures and pedicures and possibly shoes.

Study spanish daily with duolingo. Start to SPEAK in spanish more often. Starting now, order food in Spanish.  By the end of November you should be very comfortable with past tense form, and irregular verbs. By the end of Decemeber be comfortable with future tense and reflexive verbs and use them. If you need to daily journal in Spanish, and by the end of the year complete the studyspanish website. Starting tomorrow daily journal your feelings in Spanish, do one 5 sentence paragraph daily.

Fashion forward, get a new work wardrobe when you start working. Find hairstyles that you enjoy and are cute and wear them. Purchase clothes that look good on you without hesitation.